Friday, December 29, 2017

Jewelry Repair in Dana Point on Demand

What Makes a Master Jeweler Important
Gems N’ Loans Dana Point master jeweler will create the jewelry of your dreams! Trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), his creativity is evident in the fabulous custom designs he has created for many of our satisfied customers. Frank is able to create a unique custom design piece for you according to your ideas and specifications. He can also recreate jewelry that you might have seen in images, magazines, or lost pieces.

While the term The term Master Jeweler comes from the time of Trade Guilds. Then a person would become an apprentice and after a few years, and pursue the mastery of the craft.

Custom jewelry design would not be complete without engraving. Whether it’s hand engraving or machine engraving, the detailed design will make your piece truly special. Engraving is an important element of the custom jewelry design process.

Hand engraving is done by a highly-trained craftsman that has gone through extensive training. The custom hand engraving of jewelry is a skill that takes many years to master. But skill is not the only element required to make a master engraver.

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