Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Mar Fine Jewelry Near Harbor

Pacific Coast Jewelers Dana Point

Finding gold and coins in Dana Point is just one of many things that can be explored when in and around looking for jewelers in Dana Point. It has been said that fine jewelry in and around harbor towns could be equated to lavish spending. However, often pawnshops like Gems N’ Loans could very well be where you would find your jewel like the emerald sea. 

When surfing the web for options it is best to verify by calling local pawnshops and jewelers in the area to verify inventory. Our qualified GIA certified staff are the best.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Gems N' Loans Pearl Jewelers in Dana Point

You Won't Believe What We Found Near the Harbor

Mariela was beach combing when she found what to her surprise was clam shell with a pearl in it. Finding jewelers in Dana Point that carried such large pearls was to be determined. 

What made it special is that clams and mussels don't produce pearls very often. Most pearls are made by oysters, and they can be made in either freshwater or saltwater environments. Oysters can grow, while an internal organ called the mantle, uses minerals from the oyster's food intake to produce a substance called nacre, which is used to coat any foreign objects that might have drifted into the shell. This is how a pearl is formed. 

 To protect itself, an oyster's natural reaction will be to cover up the irritant. It does so by causing the mantle to cover the irritant with layers of nacre. This substance, usually used to create the shell, will instead form a pearl.

Protect your jewels and get cash for them.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Maria Likes Fine Jewelry and Bob

The Best 10 Jewelry for 2017 in Dana Point

Finding the Right Person can really boost the self-esteem. To fall in love and find the right person you must first have confidence and love invested in yourself. Investments that are used to purchase from jewelers in Dan Point, are different. However, that doesn’t mean saving money and purchasing jewelry or an engagement ring is an unfavored idea. At Gems N’ Loans in Dana Point, it is possible to get prepared for the day you might want to propose.

Bob finally couldn’t resist Maria and now they are seen in the harbor holding hands and planning their bright future. 

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Harbor Jeweler and Gold Dana Point

Jewelry Story Tells All


You don’t need 3-D glasses for the sculpted shapes to stand out and the colors to pop. But the high jewelry that had an open day during last week’s haute couture season is finely tuned to the latest fashion. In Dana Point the  quality of diamonds and jewels offer that feeling of multi-dimensions.

Gems N’ Loans has been servicing and Orange County as an option for loans quick cash, custom jewelry design, and private loans consultations.   

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