Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Questions About Fine Jewelry and Repair Dana Point

Often people are concerned about whether your jeweler and their technicians are Bench Certified, or capable of producing a wedding ring from re-purposed heirloom jewelry in Dana Point. It is important that your jewelry or watch repair technician performs quality work. Nobody wants to be stood up before their wedding day.

When deciding to leave your valuable jewelry in the hands of a jewelry repair service.  It is important to feel safe that you now that the diamond or gem hasn’t been swapped during the repair process, and that you can trust the jeweler you are working with.

An honest jeweler like Gems N' Loans in Dana Point will be willing to take the time to show you your diamond under a microscope so that you can recognize the characteristics unique to your diamond, since each is different and has individual markings that make it unique. Secondly, you should also ask to be shown the diamond when picking it up, so you can feel confident that your diamond has been returned to you.

Friday, August 10, 2018

August Surprise for The Best Jewelry in Dana Point


Whether you’re in the market for a used piece of jewelry or something custom designed to your liking, it is important to evaluate affordability. This is can determine the size of the gems and amount o precious metals being combined to manufacture it.

Jewelers in Dana Point are consistently asked question of cost and fair market values, as there bottom line is purely supported by the mark up on their necklaces, engagement rings and other adornments.

Pawns shops however, aren’t sole bound by a single type of revenue stream and can often cover their overhead enough to offer extremely competitive pricing.

Gems N’ Loans for example, offers precious stones at 50% off every month during their “Stone of the Month” celebration, which for this month of August is the Peridot.

Learn how to incorporate such ornaments into your custom jewelry design.

Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Tell If Your Jewelry is Valuable

The monetary value of jewelry can fluctuate. We might think something is valuable, and find out it is worth nothing. There are a few things you can check for before you hand purchase anything, and that is to simply bring your diamond ring in question to a jewelry appraiser like Gems N’ Loans Dana Point.

When you acquire a new piece of jewelry, it is good to look for hallmarks. One thing to check is the metal content of a piece, and the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer of the jewelry. Those markings are usually located on the clasp of a necklace, the inside of a ring or bracelet, or the post of an earring. Generally gold and silver are heavier metals than their fake counterparts like brass and pewter.

Keep in mind that solid gold jewelry is very smooth, heavy and consistent throughout. A gold colored chain that has a darker color or even a silvery color showing through on parts that see heavy wear, this is likely a gold plated chain and not very valuable. When solid gold or platinum jewelry wears down, the part showing through should still be the same color.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jewelers Sell Native Diamond Rings or Custom


Jewelers in Temecula design unique Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.  We work with a variety of materials and metals. We create unique designs in traditional platinum, gold, palladium and sterling silver set with diamonds and gemstones. 

People have been known to incorporate alternative metals, including titanium, tungsten carbide, Damascus stainless steel and ceramic, in to their customization. Some patrons might use unconventional elements in their designs including exotic wood rings, dinosaur bone rings, antler rings, meteorite rings, and other naturally unique elements.

See this diamond inset here in this Facia Titanium Ring with a single 3mm gem is crafted entirely out of 6AL/4V Titanium. The Facia is a squared wedding band that appeals to both men and women.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

What Constitute Fine Jewelry in Beach Towns


People have been decorating ourselves through the ages. At one point in time the used animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells and reeds to adorn their bodies. Jewelry wear goes all the way back to the royals and aristocratic, much of which wound up in museums today. We might expect that jewelry is used differently now, but even those gold colored studs on our cuff links pay homage to the wealthy in our history.

In the 40’s, American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, which as a pyramid with a base of physiological factors followed by safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization.

When we look at jewelry through Maslow’s lens, then the wearing of it would fall into our higher needs. For example, love and belonging, jewelry may have been used to attract mates by way of showing wealth, or through impressing one by giving flashy gifts. Modern day equivalents might be signs that engagement rings and other gold and silver jewelry. Dana Point Jewelers cater to an affluent clientele of people trying to impress and feel adorned. This can easily be achieved at Gems N’ Loans. Stop by to view our jewelry selection at the finest prices.

Friday, April 27, 2018

What's Different About Gems N' Loans Dana Point

How to Buy Jewelry Like a Jeweler

Anyone can make a stamp that says Pt for platinum, stamped on white gold, 18k stamped on 14-karat gold, or JAR for the great jeweler Joel A. Rosenthal. You never want to accuse anyone of that this is the sort of accusation that will make you seem naive rather than knowledgeable. So if it’s platinum, weigh it in your hand. If there’s a similar piece in white gold, ask to hold it, and weigh that one too. The white gold will be lighter, shinier, and usually a little yellower.

Jewelers in Dana Point deal privately with an affluent clientele from all economic levels, and usually expect them to arrive whit a general knowledge of jewelry. The best deals they ever gave to customers were to those who insisted on a low price—too low—and then simply would not leave or kept coming back until they relented. 

You must be shameless in bargaining. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Cartier or Neiman Marcus or De Beers. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re spending $1,000 or $100,000. Offer less, you have nothing to lose. After all Gems N’ Loans are different than your average jewelers in Dana Point and surrounding areas, offering diversity and custom design work as well. Whether it's a sale, loan, or new purchase, we are here for you!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fine Jewelry for All Occasions

Great Jewelry Pricing Repair in Dana Point

Whether for sale or a loan, a pawnshop only wants high quality items it can sell. Jewelry and tools sell quickly, and offer up to 75 percent of market value for these items. Valued items such as engagement rings and Rolex watches can get up to 85 percent, he says. If you have trouble giving up your jewelry for good. Many pawn shops will give you a loan and hold your valuables as collateral. If you pay off the loan in time, you can take your jewelry home with you with no hassle credit checks.

Things you can do to get top dollar:

Clean, sparkling jewelry will give you a better deal than jewelry that looks old, used, or disgusting. Follow these basic cleaning steps:

1. Immerse the jewelry in a quality cleaning solution. You can obtain one from your jeweler.

2. Use a small brush to clean around and under stones and prongs. Be gentle so you don’t accidentally pull them out.

3. If your jewelry has a karat marking, clean it thoroughly so the pawn shop worker can see it and give you the best value. For rings, the karat marking is usually on the inside surface. On bracelets and necklaces, the marking is on the clasp or the end of the chain.

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