Monday, March 26, 2018

Why They Are the Best Jewelry Repair in Dana Point

How the Mastery of Jewelry Works
In order to understand jewelers in Dana Point, an explanation of the precious metals most commonly used in jewelry making can help the customer understand the craft. The most commonly used metals in fine jewelry are Platinum, Gold, Silver and other basic metals. The karats and Colors of Gold with a detailed explanation of karat and colors of gold determine the ultimate pricing, based on the market value of metals and Alloys. When there is a mixing of metals with alloys, this can raising or lower the karat of the gold. Precious metal pricing explained in detail and calculated. Reducing and increasing the karat of gold.

Our master jeweler practices advanced diamond setting techniques, in combination with complex layouts. Advanced stone setting tasks are introduced and practiced for all jewelry models for designs with stones.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Finding The Best In Fine Jewelry
What constitute a fine jewelry in 2018? In the 19th century, a predominant jeweler have styles that tend to conform to the artistic style of the times. Between 1910 and 1920, an artistic style known as Art Nouveau became popular. The style is characterized by abstractions, flowing lines, flowers, serpents, butterflies, and the depiction of women carved into the surfaces of many of this era's jewelry pieces, whether that be a brooch or a ring. It was at this time that enamel jewelry became popular.

So how do you find the finest jewelry? Stones must be natural gemstones, which possess all the visual, chemical, and physical properties of mined gemstones to be categorized as fine jewelry. All pearls that are naturally formed are categorized as fine jewelry. Many people become confused about pearls because they are unsure if cultured pearls are authentic.

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