Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Questions About Fine Jewelry and Repair Dana Point

Often people are concerned about whether your jeweler and their technicians are Bench Certified, or capable of producing a wedding ring from re-purposed heirloom jewelry in Dana Point. It is important that your jewelry or watch repair technician performs quality work. Nobody wants to be stood up before their wedding day.

When deciding to leave your valuable jewelry in the hands of a jewelry repair service.  It is important to feel safe that you now that the diamond or gem hasn’t been swapped during the repair process, and that you can trust the jeweler you are working with.

An honest jeweler like Gems N' Loans in Dana Point will be willing to take the time to show you your diamond under a microscope so that you can recognize the characteristics unique to your diamond, since each is different and has individual markings that make it unique. Secondly, you should also ask to be shown the diamond when picking it up, so you can feel confident that your diamond has been returned to you.