Thursday, May 17, 2018

What Constitute Fine Jewelry in Beach Towns

People have been decorating ourselves through the ages. At one point in time the used animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells and reeds to adorn their bodies. Jewelry wear goes all the way back to the royals and aristocratic, much of which wound up in museums today. We might expect that jewelry is used differently now, but even those gold colored studs on our cuff links pay homage to the wealthy in our history.

In the 40’s, American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, which as a pyramid with a base of physiological factors followed by safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization.

When we look at jewelry through Maslow’s lens, then the wearing of it would fall into our higher needs. For example, love and belonging, jewelry may have been used to attract mates by way of showing wealth, or through impressing one by giving flashy gifts. Modern day equivalents might be signs that engagement rings and other gold and silver jewelry. Dana Point Jewelers cater to an affluent clientele of people trying to impress and feel adorned. This can easily be achieved at Gems N’ Loans. Stop by to view our jewelry selection at the finest prices.