Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Tell If Your Jewelry is Valuable
The monetary value of jewelry can fluctuate. We might think something is valuable, and find out it is worth nothing. There are a few things you can check for before you hand purchase anything, and that is to simply bring your diamond ring in question to a jewelry appraiser like Gems N’ Loans Dana Point.

When you acquire a new piece of jewelry, it is good to look for hallmarks. One thing to check is the metal content of a piece, and the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer of the jewelry. Those markings are usually located on the clasp of a necklace, the inside of a ring or bracelet, or the post of an earring. Generally gold and silver are heavier metals than their fake counterparts like brass and pewter.

Keep in mind that solid gold jewelry is very smooth, heavy and consistent throughout. A gold colored chain that has a darker color or even a silvery color showing through on parts that see heavy wear, this is likely a gold plated chain and not very valuable. When solid gold or platinum jewelry wears down, the part showing through should still be the same color.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jewelers Sell Native Diamond Rings or Custom

Jewelers in Temecula design unique Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.  We work with a variety of materials and metals. We create unique designs in traditional platinum, gold, palladium and sterling silver set with diamonds and gemstones. 

People have been known to incorporate alternative metals, including titanium, tungsten carbide, Damascus stainless steel and ceramic, in to their customization. Some patrons might use unconventional elements in their designs including exotic wood rings, dinosaur bone rings, antler rings, meteorite rings, and other naturally unique elements.

See this diamond inset here in this Facia Titanium Ring with a single 3mm gem is crafted entirely out of 6AL/4V Titanium. The Facia is a squared wedding band that appeals to both men and women.

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