Monday, May 8, 2017

Best Jewelry Stores in Dana Point Tell it All

What Happens by the Harbor in Dana Point Will Shock You!

Daniela and Eric met 7 years ago online in Dana Point, as most people tend to meet these days. Being skeptical of people you meet online, Daniela set up a time to meet with a 15 minute window.  She really had somewhere else to be after that 15 minutes. When she figured that if it wasn't a good match, then the quick meeting would be over and that would be that.

However, after the 15 minutes had expired to her surprise Eric leaned in and kissed her.  It was just the right kind of was perfect.  So instead of me leaving him at the bar, she asked him to join here on an adventure which he was happy to do.  After a year and a half of dating, Eric proposed to Daniela with an engagement ring he bought from a jeweler in Dana Point called Gems N’ Loans.

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